Research / Storytelling / Video Production 


Project: PBS NOVA & NOVA scienceNOW
Project type: Documentary/TV Production
My role: Associate Producer & Researcher
What I did: Storytelling, research, field and studio production

NOVA, the most watched science television series in the world, has been on air for over 40 years and continues to produce incredible, high caliber programming.  As an associate producer, I contributed to all phases of production, from initial research to field shoots and post work.  Although no longer producing traditional media, the research and storytelling skills I learned during my time in documentary television continually come into play as a user experience designer.

Stories provide clarity and memorability; they capture attention and inspire action. Now as product designer, I use stories to help understand and empathize with users, learn about their goals, put a human face on analytic data, and communicate design ideas.  Crafting a good experience is in many ways like telling a good story.

These are behind-the-scenes photos of a green screen shoot with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson for an episode of NOVA scienceNOW.