Lost Bird Project Initiatives
Connecting people with the environment

Web Design / Strategy & Content


Project: Lost Bird website
Project type:Web design
My role: Web design and content creation
What I did: Designed a responsive website on WordPress for an environmental non-profit organization 

What is the Lost Bird Project?
The Lost Bird Project is a non-profit organization with the purpose of raising awareness about civilization's impact on the environment through the creation and implementation of arts, tech and community initiatives.

The belief that underlies the initiatives of the Lost Bird Project is that art can touch each of us in a way that ideas and intellect alone cannot. At their highest levels, the performing arts and the visual arts have the power to ignite an awareness of deep connectedness. While we do not advocate for any specific actions, our hope is that, by raising this awareness, each of us will hear and respond to our own unique calling to engage with the shift toward a better relationship with the earth.

Designing & building 

Working with the creative director, I designed the umbrella website, which showcased the organization's diverse range of arts and environmental projects. Each initiative also had its own site.

(left to right) Lost Bird film site, Smartfin site, Fold the Flock site